jcc skytile

5 Reasons why JCC Skytile are worth Buying

If you are looking for high performance, reliable, innovative and an energy saving lighting system, JCC skytile is the best option for you. For more than half a decade now, JCC Skytile has been leading the market by providing its clients with LED flat panels that not only has high efficiency, impressing quality, but is also very innovative and provides business with offices that light up in such a way that it sells their products and services even better. Here, we review top 5 reasons why JCC skytile LED flat panels are worth buying. Continue reading “5 Reasons why JCC Skytile are worth Buying”

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Even Potato Comes with Electricity

Watch this video and get astonished like me! That guy managed to bring out some power from a potato. I hope we are going to have some Potato-Cells in future as well :)


Always go for right Electrical Services

 Your house is full of electrical appliances. It is not necessary that they are all working. You use your light bulbs every day. It can happen that one day you find it flickering. You can see sparks in the CPU (Central Processing Unit) of your PC (Personal Computer). Electricity has no guarantee. You may have purchased the electronics with warranty and guarantee. Those do not help in case of an electrical issue. The company will say that it is your house’s electrical service problem not in their manufactured product. You need to find an expert electric service company or an expert electrician to do this. This is how to find one.

Ask for recommendations

I usually get friend’s recommendations for various stuff I’m about to buy. For example, my friend Josh recommended me Warrington electrical supplies and I did some research on the internet to be extra sure. So I found that they are listed on a government website which proved that they’re a legitimate company.

Ask anything

You are hiring, and you are paying. Do not be embarrassed. Ask them as many questions as possible. You need to ask them, and see how they react. You can understand about their work if you ask them a lot of questions. You cannot just let anybody touch your home’s electrical system. Try to find out if they are qualified and skilled. This can only be achieved through many questions. You can ask them about their experiences and skills directly, but they will answer cleverly. You need to be clever here and ask many questions. If you think they are not telling the truth you can ask for the papers.

Get a Reference

You can ask your friends and relatives who they use. You can ask your neighbors who they used. The neighbors have a similar home as your home. You can ask the people you live with about who should provide the house with electrical service. You may not get any help from others. You may not like the company who provided your neighbor. You still have other options. You can ask the electrical service company about their previous customers. You can call up the customers and know if they are happy with their work.

Online research

Do research online about electricians. There are many websites of electrical services in your area. If you feel that you do not need to upgrade to electrical services, you can research about the importance of upgrading. There are chances of fire if you still do not hire a good electrical service. There are risks associated. You should take some time out from your busy schedule and read about these. You can find out much information. When you visit the websites read their details. After you like one, call them up.


Importance of Motors in Our Life

Motor is a widely used electrical device. In fact this device have a very critical role to play in our life. We rely on motors even when we sleep. We use them when we travel and even the modern smart phones have motors within them. Today I have decided to come up with some information across the motors. So read and enjoy these fascinating facts!

The working Principle

Motors, regardless of their types works on the Faraday`s Law of Magnetic Induction. You may find it astonishing that a DC motor and a Generator, both come with almost single design. You can draw DC current from the terminals of a motor by rotating its rotor in the reverse direction. When we energize the winding of a motor it results in creation of a magnetic field. Applying power on the rotating coil with the help of bushes ends up  with similar results. Thus the two face-two-face magnetic fields starts repelling each another. Now, the stationary part of our motor is bound with the body and it cannot move. Thus, its rotatory part starts rotating. For a more clear understanding watch this video

Function of a Motor

As I have mentioned above we are using motor as an integral component of several devices. But its basic function remains the same. In a single line we can define a motor as,

 A Device that is used to transform electrical energy into mechanical energy”

Now, the generated mechanical energy is something that we can for the fulfillment of several tasks. Let me provide you with some examples so to make it clear the highly crucial role of motors in our daily life

We Get Water with the help of Motors

Do you know about it? The water we are receiving at our homes is pumped from huge storage. The pump working at those stations are mounted with motors. In such an arrangement motor is said to be as the prime mover.

Transportation Industrial

Our cars, trains and even airplanes everything comes with several integrated motors. Consider  a car without a radiator fan. It will not work simply because the engine will get too hot and will shut-off. Similarly, in the airplanes several auxiliary services are driven by motors

Healthcare Industry

The use of motor is quite evident and crucial in healthcare industry too. The best example that I can provide you here is Dialysis units. This machine is used to clean the blood of patients with bad kidneys. Hence it is quite right to say that “Motors” are playing a very important role in our lives

2016-02-22 12_12_53-Document1 - Word

Gas turbines are very effective engines. Today, a significant amount of electrical energy is being generated by Gas Turbine Engines. The basic phenomenon and working principle of these machines is quite simple. However, it is a very complicated and complex science. I have decided to provide you with some basic information about the Gas Turbine based power generation arrangement.

The Biggest manufactures

We have some giants working in this industry. The design of the machines they are manufacturing may differ from one another however the basic principle of working remains the same. Let me name a few companies who are quite active and effective in this industry,

  • GE ( General Electric )

Working Phenomenon of a Gas Turbine Generator (aka GT & GTG)

In a GTG, we generate electrical energy by the combustion and ultimately the conversion of natural gas or any other suitable fuel. In counties where we have plenty of oil, GT`s are being operated on liquid fuel like high speed diesel or so. For maintaining a combustion at such an extensive level we need a lot of air. For air supply a gas turbine comes with an integrated compressor. This compressor, the turbine and the generator all three equipment work in a tandem arrangement. You may find the application of a gear mechanism at some places as well. Initially a starting motor is used to take the turbine on its working speed. After establishing enough air flow by means of the shaft mounted axial-flow compressor the gas is allowed into turbine`s combustion chamber. Here,  a small flame is charged electrically for ignition. After getting ignited a constant flame develops resulting in a discharge of flew gases. These flew gases are directed towards turbine blades. In a gas turbine, turbine blades are used to capture the energy and as a result they start rotating. After a successful startup entire of this arrangement works on a self sustained mode.

Common Parts of a Gas Turbine

Frankly speaking a gas turbine comes with hundreds of components. However we can define the three major components here which are,

  • Compressor
  • Turbine
  • Generator

Each of these three components have a different job to do. The electricity that we use domestically and industrially comes from the Generator. As we have discussed earlier the purpose of adding a compressor in this arrangement is to bring sufficient amount of Oxygen in. Without having enough oxygen we simply cannot burn our fuel in required quantity.

Watch this Video


Upgrading your Electrical Systems

As each day passes, people are buying more electrical appliances for themselves and others. Every home now has, at least, two ovens, a toaster, a blender, a coffeemaker, a refrigerator and freezer. Here I am just listing some of the electrical appliances in the kitchen. The rest of the house is still not mentioned! Therefore, you can imagine how hard it is to maintain all of them. It is not an easy task to buy them. People gather loads of money and buy them. They need to keep them clean or else the appliances stop working. Here are some advantages of upgrading your electrical systems

Forget about exploding fuses

You should know that you are not the one who is going to upgrade the electrical service at your home, make sure that if they are a local builder (trusted) they are fully qualified. You are not an expert or an electrician. Hire a skilled and qualified electrician. You may be going through this every day. Your fuse blows off. It means your circuit has blown. This is a big sign that you should hire an electrical expert to help. Circuit blowing often means that the electrical supply at the moment cannot control the weight of the home’s electric needs. You now have many devices that you never had before like a mobile phone and a huge television.

No chances of fire

Fire hazard is common to house where they did not hire an expert to upgrade their electrical system. You can never be sure when your house catches fire. If you have children in your house, you cannot live with this risk. There was fire in people’s houses where they still did not upgrade. People do not understand the importance of upgrading. They understand to upgrade to new appliances. For example, a person using a Play Station 3 will move to Play Station 4, as soon as it is released. A person will move to iPhone 6 from iPhone 5. They understand the importance of new versions of their current devices.

No chances of damage

People buy their electrical devices and make sure they have guarantees. Some may offer a guarantee of 5 years. People avoid buying appliances where there is no guarantee or fewer guarantees such as a 1-year guarantee. People look after their electrical appliances very well. They do not want their money to go to waste. People complain that everything was perfect between them and their electronics so why did they stop working. The answer is because they did not upgrade the electrical services!

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History of Electricity

A Tribute to those who made it happen!


Keeping ourselves with the history of things we are using is quite a useful habit. The Electricity undoubtedly is a very useful invention. I always think about our ancestors who passed entire of their lives in the dark. Let us learn more about the history of electricity and say thanks to those who worked intensively in this field. This video is a wonderful compilation of interesting facts! So watch and admire